A Rail Fleet for Everyone

A Rail Fleet For Everyone

It's time for riders in Connecticut to feel that their train rides are the most productive and comfortable part of their day. Replacing aging train cars will provide a modern, connected customer experience. The expanded rail fleet will enable more frequent service throughout the state and new express services to New York City.


Project Spotlight #1

Rail Car Procurement to Replace & Expand Aging Fleet

CTDOT has been working for the last two years with a customer advisory committee to develop an RFP for state-of-the-art rail cars that will meet the diverse needs of Connecticut's rail customers.

Project Spotlight #2

Modernizing the New Haven Yard

Upgrading and expanding the New Haven Yard will allow for an increase in Connecticut rail fleet. That means newer, more comfortable cars and more frequent service. Visit the project map for more information.

Image of passengers boarding a train in Stamford, CT.
View of New Haven Yard with different types of trains in the image. All are examples of older train models.