It's time for better rail service in Connecticut. Faster and more direct service with better connections both within Connecticut and to New York City will attract more people from cars to trains and strengthen the regional economy.

We have reviewed every single train trip in the New Haven Line schedule and met extensively with Metro-North and Amtrak to gain insight into day-to-day operations. Together, we found that with additional funding, trains can operate 10 minutes faster between New Haven and New York City as early as 2022. By making these investments, we can save a daily commuter up to 82 hours a year.

Travelers within Connecticut will benefit from faster, more reliable, and more direct service providing improved access to jobs, education, and urban centers throughout the state.

Upcoming Service Improvements

Service Improvements Plan for 2022

CTDOT is working with Metro-North and Amtrak to implement the following services:

  • Additional Waterbury Line shuttles for hourly peak service.
  • A New Haven Line Super Express train in 2022 that will save customers 10 minutes between New Haven and New York City.
  • A Hartford Line Express train in 2022 offering direct, one-seat-ride access between New York City and Hartford.

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